‘Demos-Ti’ Project - Democracy Workshops

‘Demos-Ti’ is an international project supported by the ERSTE Foundation in partnership with the Assembly of Kosovo. The project aims to stimulate young peoples’ interest in politics and the democratic process, with a focus on media competence and willingness to express an opinion. This aim is carried out through half-day workshops in which a class of students takes part in interactive content, visits the Assembly, and produces a magazine summarizing their experience.

Over the next two years, TOKA’s team of trained educators will lead 5-10 of these workshops per week, with school groups from around the country. The Democracy Workshops have been hugely successful in Montenegro, where, to date, 70% of primary school children have participated. TOKA and its partners hope to have a similar success rate.

This program is important because, civic education and participation is one of the cornerstones of a well-functioning democracy. This is even more important in a young, post-conflict country like Kosovo. Investing in the civic education of young people supports the overall development of a democratic society by increasing the critical mass of citizens who will contribute positively in the future.


Debate for culture

The Debate for Culture program is eligible for Albanian speaking high school students only. Please click here to get to the Albanian page - APPLY HERE

// The 'Debate for culture' project is implemented in cooperation with Qendra Multimedia and Debate Center with the support of the Swiss Development Cooperation Office in Kosovo. Photo credits: Mrinë Godanca