Halide Morina

Halide has been part of TOKA since 2017, and now she is currently working as a project assistant. She was initially engaged as a facilitator of non-formal educational activities in different projects and summer camps. She is also a Super-Mentor of the Super-Volunteers club “Helping Hands of Prishtina”, where through different activities and weekly meetings have managed to implement two social impacting projects in the community.

Previously to this, Halide has been working as an English teacher in the private and public education sector, and also as a volunteer at the education center of the NGO “The ideas partnership”. She has been partly engaged as an organizer of the activities and translator of the English humanitarian NGO “Phoenix Aid”, where together with local Kosovar NGOs, they have been working in the direct empowerment of marginalized groups in Kosovo.

Halide is currently doing her master studies for “Business Administration and Economics” at the University College “Dardania”, in Prishtina. Recently she has been certified as international English teacher C.I.T.E., by Anglia Academy Examinations Kosovo.