Our mission is to accelerate social change in Kosovo by investing in Kosovar youth.

We intend to achieve our mission by focusing on two main pillars:

  1. Youth education and development – particularly through programs focused on leadership development, personal development, social skills, outdoor education and environmental awareness.
  2. Youth service learning projects – aimed to incentivize and encourage youth to serve their community with their new knowledge, confidence, and skills developed by TOKA programs.

TOKA provides an engaging and fun educational platform for Kosovo’s youth to develop their talents and skills. Our mission is to accelerate social change by investing in youth. We provide transformational experiences for young people, so that they are equipped and motivated to become agents of positive social change and ultimately improve Kosovar society. To this end, TOKA has implemented many successful projects and activities, which have garnered recognition from the local community and institutions, as well as our growing community of international partners.

  • Our programs encourage youth to
  • Try new things
  • Develop new skills
  • Learn through experiences
  • Discover their passions and talents, and
  • Serve their community

TOKA values diversity in its organization. We actively search for diversity in our participants, programming, and stakeholders.

TOKA wants its youth to develop skills for life! Our approach helps young people become the best they can be, and contribute to a better society.

Come be a part of TOKA’s innovative programming!