TOKA is committed to providing top quality programs for its participants, and partners with local and international experts to achieve this.


In order to extend its reach and diversity of programs, TOKA has partnered with both local and international organizations, which come from various sectors:


  • Within Kosovo, at the institutional level, TOKA has formal partnerships with both the Kosovo Parliament and Municipality of Prishtina (through which we have secured access to schools in Prishtina), and soon with the Ministry of Education. We have also cooperated, on specific projects, with the EU Office in Kosovo and Kosovo Ministry of European Integration.
  • Our work has been recognized by the local community and institutions allowing us to secure important support from the Municipality of Prishtina, which has resulted in over 40 days of programming in its Residential Youth Centre in Germia Park in 2016, with an even bigger program planned for 2017. We are the first organization in post-war Kosovo to deliver a program in the Germia Youth Residential Centre.
  • Non-institutional local partners include co-organizing partners such as the regionally renowned Dokufest festival, or external experts, such as Astronomers, Alpine and IT clubs in Kosovo.


International partners have similarly included a mix of co-organizing partners (World Wide Fund for Nature/WWF, Scouts Italy, Iowa Sister States), as well as external experts such as UK-based Cinelive. A notable partnership is that with WWF Adria, who has appointed TOKA as its partner for developing and implementing nature education programs in Germia Park, Kosovo.

Iowa Sister States, USA: Within the Germia Park International Youth Summer Camp program, our aim is to develop a partnership between TOKA, the Iowa Sister States organization and the US cities of Fort Dodge and Johnston (twinned with Gjakova and Peja), in order to build a long-term exchange platform between youth of Iowa and Kosovo. This past summer, four Iowan representatives with the Kosovo and Iowa Youth Exchange Project acted as assistant counselors during TOKA’s international camp. In addition, TOKA also hosted an Iowan student for a month, during which time she helped with camp preparation and worked as a junior counselor. We are looking forward to future cooperation with Iowa Sister States, and we thank the US Embassy for their support in this initial and important stage of developing the Kosovo-Iowa relationship.

Scouts, Italy: Scout CNGEI Cremona participated in our International Camp this past summer by sending 2 counselors and 8 participants. We have established a partnership that allows youth from both Italy and Kosovo to be involved in each organizations projects. We look forward to hosting more Scouts in the future!

Cinelive, UK

FOTA, Sweden: FOTA a non-profit based in Sweden with the mission of serving as a bridge between Scandinavian and the Balkan youth. It is an Erasmus partner and an applicant (along with TOKA) for funding for a European project that will take place in Kosovo and be implemented by TOKA.

WWF Adria, Kosovo: The World Wide Fund for Nature has been invaluable to TOKA through its financial support and its work with Germia Park, the recreational area where TOKA has many of its programs.

European Voluntary Service (EVS): TOKA is accredited as an EVS organization.