(Note: To participate in Toka’s programs is necessary filling in the form of participation in the program. You can download the document here to fill and send to info@toka-ks.org)

Permit Issuance from Parent


APPROVAL FOR      ___________________________________ (Name&Surname of Participant)

FOR PROGRAM      ___________________________________ (Program Name)


Health data provided in this form for the participant listed above are accurate and true. My child has permission to participate in all program activities, besides those mentioned above. With my signature I authorize the organizers that in case of medical emergencies, they can operate in child’s best interest and that eventual medical expenses will be covered by me.

I give my approval that my child can be photographed/recorded during the program, even if these recordings may be used by partner organizations of TOKA for informational purposes/promotion in the future, without compensation.

I agree that I would advise my child to respect the rules set forth in the framework of this program, and if they cannot follow the rules, the organizers shall have the right to exclude my child from the program.

I understand that in these kind of program still may come any wound despite all measures of safety and care.

In the case that my child wants to terminate the participation in the program, I agree to take him/her on the location where the program is being held, or to pay his/ her individual transport.


NAME AND SURNAME OF PARENT         _____________________________________
IDENTITY CARD NUMBER                         _____________________________________
PLACE                                                           _____________________________________
DATE                                                              _____________________________________
SIGNATURE                                                  _____________________________________