Youth Recreational Center in Gërmia

Gërmia Youth Recreational Center is located about 2 km from the center of Prishtina, but when you are there – you have the feeling that you are deeply immersed in nature.

The center exists since the 80’s, but was burned during the war and its renovation was completed in 2008. For the first time after the war TOKAs programs functionalized it in 2015. Due to the unused facilities before, they are in a very good condition.

The center consists of:

  1. The main object – which includes the canteen and some space for the workshops
  2. Thirteen Cabins – which are constructed from wood. Each of them has 4 beds, a table with 4 chairs and a closet for each participant. Every cabin has a bathroom with a shower, and space at the entrance where you can put shoes and jackets.
  3. Two private spaces for activities
  4. Alpine wall – which is 10 meters high with 4 different levels of difficulty.

Click here for images of the centre facilities.

Other recreational facilities in Gërmia Park

These objects are located 50m-1km away from the Youth Recreational Centre:

  1. Basketball Field
  2. Tennis Fields
  3. Open swimming pool
  4. Renting Bicycle station.

Within TOKA’s programs, participants will have the opportunity to practice any of these sports.

Safety and health

The center is secured by a fence, equipped with cameras outside  and inside the main building, and there are guards 24 hours per day.

House Health Center in Velania is 2km away, and it takes between 5-10 minutes to get there, depending on traffic. For participants who have specific health problems, we will provide additional medical care.

Transportation to Gërmia Park

Gërmia Park is the first and the last station of the urban bus number 4. The price for a trip from any point in Prishtina is 40 cents.
For more information regarding bus lines and bus stops in Prishtina, you can find them by clicking here.

The price of taxis from the city/Bus Station is approximately 5 euro.

Transport by taxi from Prishtina Airport to the Youth Recreational Center is about 15 euros.

For pictures and videos of  Youth Recreational Center, please click here.