Ailani Housen - Intern

Ailani joined TOKA this summer as an intern, where she will be covering social media, photograph events and research various activities on experiential learning.

For the last three years, Ailani has been active as a member of the Belgian NGO Youth for Change and Action (YOUCA) and the European NGO Solidarity Action Day Movement in Europe (SAME) where she is currently a part of the board. This inspired her to work more with youth and to study Social (Cultural) work in Brussels. During her previous internship, Ailani worked at Centrum Molenmoes, a Belgian organization that supports vulnerable youth in different ways. Here, Ailani learned about non-formal education. She is convinced that this too is a way to achieve positive change. This experience made Ailani want to explore the impact of non-formal education a little bit more. This is why she chose TOKA to do her internship.

Besides all of this, Ailani loves to spend some time with her friends, learn how to paint and listen to some music.

Favorite quote: “Even without light, there are tunnels that remain.” - Bazart