Elina Morina - Project Manager

Elina has been engaged as a project manager in TOKA since August 2021. She finished her undergraduate studies for Speech and Language Pathology at College Heimerer and Psychology at the University of Prishtina. However, her professional and academic interests took a shift throughout her master studies in Learning Sciences at Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich. She decided to return to Kosovo because she believes that she can give her contribution in the field of learning, education and research. 

She considers her prior commitments at the University of Ludwig Maxmilians of Munich as an asset to advancing her further knowledge about effective practices and strategies of teaching, learning and designing different experimental research paradigms. Aditionally, her last experience at the University of California - Davis helped her gain more knowledge about studies replication, as well as advocating for an open and transparent science system (Open Science). Elina strongly believes that she can contribute to her country through her commitment at TOKA. She is very motivated to be part of this journey.