We are a non-profit organization based in Prishtina, Kosova, that has been working in the field of education and youth-development since 2015. Using innovative teaching methods, learning by doing, experiential education and volunteering, we strive to provide important skills that should unlock the full-potential of disadvantaged young girls and boys. Here’s what we think:

A better education brings a brighter future

Over the course of years, lack of or better education always comes up as the main reason young individuals do poorly or excel in life. By reaching out to young girls and boys early on, you can have a greater impact on their life trajectory.

Lasting change needs strong bonds

No matter how effective the programs are, without support from all involved, its effects will be short-lived. Building a coalition of the willing with local/central government, Faculty of Education, Municipalities, Universities, regional and international partners - creates stronger bonds that can support the vital volunteering and experiential learning programs, for longer.

The latest

These are the latest developments from our programs and activities.

“Me and Nature” Camp 2022 – Apply today!

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Kampistët krijuan libërth me aktivitete të ndryshme!

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We’re “Quality Label” accredited

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