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International cooperation revolves around international exchanges that have the purpose of exposing young people to different cultures and perspectives, either through in-country programs, or by opportunities to do voluntary work abroad. We have been successful in bringing in international participants to Kosova and engaging them in our local activities, as well as in sending a number of volunteers in Europe (primarily through Erasmus+), which provide opportunities for Kosovar youth to attend programs and volunteer abroad.

More than 20 Super Volunteers took part in events across Europe: Learned more, came back and shared it with their peers.

Solidarity Action-Day Movement in Europe (SAME)

We have been accepted as a candidate member of the SAME (Solidarity Action Day Movement in Europe) network, enabling us to organize and be part of the annual “Solidarity Action Day''. On this day, pupils work in businesses/organizations and donate the salary they earn from this day to a cause they feel passionate about. Other countries that organize this project include organizations from Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Germany, Belgium, Serbia, Montenegro, BiH, Italy, North Macedonia.

Erasmus+ Exchanges

We have been a long-term partner with Erasmus+, where our Volunteers have participated in various exchange programs, the most recent ones being: ARTEMIDE in Orvieto, Italy (around 15 youth participated), De Wissel in Belgium (1 long-term volunteer and 1 short-term volunteer), World Environmental Education Congress in Prague, Czech Republic (5 youth represented TOKA), and many more.

European Solidarity Corps (ESC)

In 2022 we received the "Quality Label" as a Receiving and Supporting Organization within the European Solidarity Corps (ESC). This accreditation will allow the youngsters in our Programs to apply and travel to an EU country, and to work on a volunteering project with a partner organization. It will also enable us to host European volunteers and engage them in our local programs. The European Solidarity Corps (ESC) is Europe's new volunteering programme funded by the EU for all EU and non-EU residents aged 18-30.

HERO Regional Trainings

The 02HERO regional program is a one-stop-shop where youngsters are offered 6-months of free courses that include modules from: Digital skills (Social Media Management and Web Development), Soft skills, Entrepreneurship skills, and career counseling - to help them better prepare for the digital economy job markets. So far, the program certified over 50 participants, where more than 20 were offered jobs/internships after the program. 02HERO is a regional collaboration with organizations in Albania, Serbia, Montenegro, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The program also includes travels to partner countries to attend various training sessions.

HEARMi Regional Project

The “Boosting HEARts and MInds of Youth with Service Learning (HEARMi)” regional project aims to develop the capacities of four organizations involved by improving the effectiveness of civic engagement of youth and youth’s capacity to champion social inclusion in Service Learning projects. TOKA with three partner organizations New Horizons Foundations (NHF) (Romania), "Interaktivne otvorene skole"- MIOS (Bosnia and Herzegovina), and Forum MNE (Montenegro) have organized multiple youth exchanges and study visits for youth and leaders in between these countries with around 200 participants involved regionally.

The Central and Eastern European Service Learning Network (CEESLN)

Since April 2016, Latin American Center for Service-Learning (CLAYSS) has been supporting us and 6 other partners in Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Romania, and Slovenia, through training, facilitation, design of bibliography specific to the region, and technical assistance to promote Service Learning at a regional level. We have worked together to promote exchange, mutual understanding and mutual learning. The Network has developed Regional Service Learning Weeks in different cities around the region and designed the annual Regional Service Learning Award which was launched in 2020.

Regional Service-Learning Award

This Award is a joint effort with partner organizations in six Central and Eastern Europe countries (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosova, Romania, Serbia, and Slovakia), with the Latin American Center for Service-Learning (CLAYSS). Together we acknowledge the work of educational institutions and initiatives that are developing Service-Learning community projects, promote active youth citizenship and integrate students’ curricular learning with Service-Learning methodology.

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