Success stories from the Italy youth exchange

June 28, 2022

The mentors of TOKA clubs stayed in Orvieto, Italy during the youth exchange within the Artemide association. Below you will find the impressions of each of these experiences.

Ardiana Lahu, 24 years old, Vushtrri

“My experience in the youth exchange offered by the Artemide Association has been magical and uplifting at the same time. Starting from the village of Cerquosino, and continuing to the staff. So much love and peace has been offered to me by everyone, I have felt fulfilled in every aspect!

There were many moments when I felt proud and happy, but I will single out the acting in the theatrical show that we offered to the public.

This experience is related in many aspects to TOKA and its contribution to the community. Starting with how important it is to accept ourselves, then developing empathy, understanding resilience and importance in our personal but also professional growth. Linking these concepts through TOKA activities in different ways would be fruitful for many young people in the community. “

Rudina Zeqiri, 19 years old, Prishtina

“Youth exchange in Italy has been one of the most beautiful experiences I have had. It has been a very good mix of learning new things and having fun with people of different cultures. Youth exchange has had many reflective activities, which have helped immensely, those activities have had a great emotional and mental impact, for which I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to accomplish them.

The work I do at TOKA is a job where I am always surrounded by young people, and I try to help them reach their potential, and the experience I had in the youth exchange in Italy, which has made me even more aware of the role to myself and to others. “

Nuhi Tërshani, 21 years old, Shtime

“I started my journey with TOKA in 2018 as a camper and since then TOKA has offered me many opportunities both within our country and abroad, such as the case of Youth Exchange in Italy. The experience in Italy is one of the most special experiences that I experienced in my life, activities, young people, the staff everything was magical and it seemed to be something imaginary.”

“Whoever wants to see the rainbow must learn to love the rain; roads of resilience ”was named the youth exchange program, so the message I want to share with everyone is that you should love and value yourself and accept every part of you even if it is not the best possible because that way you can share the amazing energy you have within yourself and pass it on to others. “

Zamire Rexhepi, 30 years old, Skenderaj

“I am a teacher and part of the TOKA organization since 2018, initially as a volunteer, and now as a mentor of the Super-Volunteer Clubs.

My experience in this youth exchange will remain as one of the most special due to the nature of the activities, but also the warmth that the place and the staff of Artemides gave me.

The opportunity to think and show who we are, how we feel, or what we want through body movements, photography, dancing, singing and other activities is what will help me as a mentor with TOKA clubs, but also as a teacher within the classroom.

Strong bonding in the group requires trust, acceptance, space and appreciation and all of these were principles of work at Artemide. “

Driera Shala, 24 years old, Lipjan

“The journey of my experience at the Artemide Association has been going on since November of last year. A very unique and very uplifting experience for me, as I have come to understand more about myself and my personal journey.

My return after a few months in Artemide, in the warmth, liveliness and above all the sincerity of the staff made me feel like it was my first time there. I got to know young people, new cultures, languages ??and above all I realized that in this journey we discovered ourselves. It was a place to get away from the daily routine, from the challenges, stress and anxiety of life. There I had the opportunity after a long time to sit with my emotions, thoughts and body. To feel and accept them. And this made Artemis and their reflective activities special.

The experience I gained at Artemide is always related to the work with young people, making them understand the importance of self-acceptance, value, love themselves, and above all understand the importance of mental health in our lives . “Because what we feel inside is more important than what we see outside.”

This Youth Exchange was supported by Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union


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