April 11, 2017

What’s new?
Last week we ended the first module of our new educational project ‘TOKA OUTREACH’!

What does the project do?
‘TOKA Outreach’ stimulates critical thinking skills in youth, increases their confidence, and identifies community leaders – who then get invited to the next phase of TOKA’s transformative projects.

How does the project work?
During the preparatory phase we selected a team of 14 super-educators from all over Kosovo, who, for 3 months, facilitated interactive activities with youth. The project also has two psychologists, a coordinator and the project manager, all of whom make sure that the project runs smoothly. The educational program is developed by our non-formal education expert from Canada.

What happened during Module 1?
During Module 1 we worked with approximately 400 pupils from 4 primary schools in the rural parts of the municipality of Prishtina – namely, school Hilmi Rakovica” in Kodra e Trimave, “Andon Zako Çajupi” in Bardhosh, “Ganimete Tërbeshi” in Llukar and “Avni Rrustemi” in Mramur. The pupils underwent 6 weeks of activities filled with games and exercises through which they learned more about themselves, developed group working skills, as well as strengthened their critical thinking and problem solving abilities.

Who made this project possible?
TOKA Outreach is financed by the Swiss Cooperation Office in Kosovo and the World Wild Fund Adria, and supported by the Municipality of Prishtina.

Some of the pictures taken during the training of the educators and the module 1 activities can be looked at on our photo album TOKA TE TI/ TOKA OUTREACH.

We will keep you posted on our upcoming modules!


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