My Career from Zero to Hero Mapping Study: Accelerating youth employment

February 15, 2021

In the summer of 2020 TOKA, in collaboration with Next Gen Networks Institute [NGN], carried out a Mapping Study designed to identify gaps between employer, youth and CSO needs in the field of IT. With both qualitative and quantitative data, the study details some of the most pressing issues in addressing high levels of youth unemployment in Kosovo today. The Mapping Study is a key component in the “My Career from Zero to Hero” project, funded by the European Commission.

In this study, multiple stakeholders were interviewed and gave their opinions on a range of issues affecting the IT job market in Kosovo. The study details skills deemed essential to successful employment by IT employers, as well as what skills youth, and local CSOs place a high value on learning. The study then highlights gaps between what employers identify as crucial, what CSOs are facilitating training on, and what youth think are important skills for employment. The role of government in addressing unemployment is also touched upon.

The Mapping Study’s conclusions laid out a roadmap for the next steps in addressing the issue of youth unemployment in Kosovo. The next phase of the “Hero” project is developing a curriculum for a “one-stop-shop” model to address the highlighted skill sets, and then to work together with other local CSOs to put this curriculum into practice.

To read the full mapping study, click here. 

TOKA would like to especially thank our partner Next Gen Networks for their essential role in realizing this study, and for sharing their expertise in the IT and telecommunications field. NGN is a non-governmental organization aimed at building the capacity of organizations and individuals in the field of telecommunications. They prioritize the involvement of technical university students, students of technical vocational high schools, and in strengthening their connection to the employment market of the future. Click here for more information on NGN or visit their website

This project is supported by the European Union. 


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