Over 70 #SuperMentors and #SuperTeachers join the great family of Service-Learning

August 28, 2020

Since 2017. TOKA has started to implement the Service Learning program thus contributing to the development of skills and abilities of young people and the community in general in Kosovo.

These young people are part of volunteer clubs that are supported by TOKA. Clubs are run by teachers or civil society persons over the age of 18 who are trained according to the IMPACT methodology which deals with learning through experience.

This year, we received over 500 applications for Super-Mentors and Super-Teachers. After very careful evaluation we managed to select 77 potential Super-Mentors and Super-Teachers who were trained and will continue the tradition of Service-Learning in Kosovo.

The Service-Learning training was held in a different form this year, online, but the dedication and energy were the same as every year. Participants showed great willingness to learn and train with experiential learning methods which would then be passed on to young people in Kosovo schools.

Even though we were not physically together, we managed to create a unique connection with each participant by sending them a personalized welcome package with all the elements needed for online training.

For 7 days, 77 participants, in 7 online sessions, successfully completed the Service-Learning Training.

‘The training was a unique experience because we saw the results very quickly. I wish many others to experience this, to manifest the extraordinary strength and energy that surrounds us. I can say that I am convinced that this training exceeded the expectations I had before I started. I managed to understand myself better and connect some very important points and question marks that I had before starting this training. ‘ – said one participant.

Meanwhile, another participant showed his impressions of the work and dedication of the coaches.

‘I congratulate them for the enthusiasm and professionalism they have shown during the sessions, I think of them as a model for myself, as the many virtues and characteristics they have displayed, some are included in the vision I have for my ideal self.’

We are very happy that TOKA, as the host of Service-Learning in Kosovo once again helped in the positive change.

This project is supported by the European Union Office in Kosovo, through the European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights EIDHR.


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