Regional Service Learning Award: How to Apply?

June 16, 2020

“Regional Service Learning Award” aims to recognize and appreciate the work of educational institutions and organizations that are developing voluntary projects and activities with educational elements.

Prices are:
First Price – $ 1,000;
Second Price – $ 750;
Third Price – $ 500.

This money will be used to further develop Service Learning in your communities. Meanwhile, each participating state will acknowledge the semifinalists by giving a Certificate of Appreciation.

This Award aims to::
– Recognize teachers involved in projects that encourage students to engage in active citizenship;
– Provide recognition of educational institutions and organizations that help improve the quality of life in the community;
– Provide technical support for applicants;
– Collect voluntary practices that affect student and community development in general;
– Promote a culture based on civic engagement.

Required conditions:
1. Open to all schools (private or public) that have involved students in volunteer projects;
2. Open to all organizations that develop voluntary projects involving students;
3. Projects or activities must be implemented during the school year 2017/2018 and 2018/2019 and completed before 30/04/2020;
4. Apply through the Application Form which must be completed electronically and not manually (we recommend that the application be accompanied by evidence of other supporting materials such as photos, videos, brochures, etc.);
5. The submitted form must be stamped and signed by the top principal of the school;
6. The application should be sent only by email to [email protected] mentioning in the subject the name of the country;
7. The application should be sent by 31/07/2020.

*You can find the application documents by clicking this link.

This award is organized by the International Organization of Interactive Open Schools (MIOS) and the partners of the Service-Learning Network for Central and Eastern Europe (CEE SL Network) with the support of the Latin-American Center for Service Learning (CLAYSS). TOKA is a member of the network and a partner of the Kosovo Regional Service Learning Award.

This application is closed. 


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