Super-Activists, captains of change in the community

February 1, 2021

The pandemic hasn’t stopped our hardworking Super-Activists to pay their contribution to society, even if it means they have to meet online. They finished the first module with Super-Citizens from Gjilan, Prishtina, Podujeva, Shtime, Viti, Kaçanik, and Han i Elezit. The Super-Activists see this experience as an opportunity for growth and development:

“My experience with the Active-Citizens Club has impacted me so much, it has left a mark on my personality development. It is a different experience compared to last year’s, but rich enough to make time for.” – said Arbrita Uka, a Super-Activist from Lipjan. 

Meanwhile Blerton Jakupi, a Super-Activist from Kaçanik said that this has been a notable experience because, during the workshops and club-leading, he has gained more confidence.

Yllka Kastrati, Super-Activist from Gjilan, on the other hand, said: “Some of the many skills I learned throughout sessions with our members are time management, creating a work ethic, and working under pressure.”

“A special and challenging year, which resulted in great! I tried the role of a leader for the first time and I can say it was a great responsibility but at the same time an amazing feeling. This project gave me new friendships and special gifts. It gave me courage and self-confidence.” – said Super-Activist Dorentina Haziri from Gjilan.

2021 will be filled with more meetings and training for the Super-Activists, therefore we wish them all the best!

This project is financed by the European Union and it is part of the Environmental activities, which are funded by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) through its Human Rightivism Program.


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