Super-Volunteers with a powerful message on “Earth Day”

April 26, 2022

“Are you, our leaders today, ready to work so that the environment in Kosovo does not fade? To fill Kosovo’s lungs with fresh air? To save the rivers, for clean water? I am part of the Super Volunteer Club in Kaçanik, which we are contributing to a better environment through volunteer work, but we can not make the big changes that need to save our air, water and land. belongs to you adults, especially our institutions. I believe many of you have children my age. I ask on my behalf, and all of them, to act now. For our environment. For our future. “

This was a part of the speech by Edolind Topalli, Super-Volunteer from our Club in Kaçanik, that I address to the leaders of the country, in the official ceremony of marking the Earth Day. The same message was conveyed by Elma Preniqi, Super-Volunteer from the Club in Obiliq. We were invited by the Office of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo, to launch the “Charter for a Green and Sustainable Municipality” – an initiative of the Government of the Republic of Kosovo, which through projects and interventions at local and central level, aims to accelerate implementation of the “Green Agreement for Kosovo” and to advance towards meeting the “Sustainable Development Goals” (UN SDGs). We thank everyone for this opportunity and hope that the green agenda will have the right focus from state institutions.


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