October 9, 2019

The gratitude of participants is the most rewarding part of our projects!

This is how 16 Year old Eron Bruti from Kaçanik, expressed his experience as part of the “Get empowered today, change your community tomorrow!” Project:

“My participation in TOKA’s project was very meaningful to me starting from the fact that in my town there are no such organizations that do this kind of activity. I feel like I have changed a lot these months. I’ve noticed that I have become more open-minded, creative, and I’m more committed to extra-curricular activities. This all has motivated me to work towards my self-improvement and more importantly, to change my community. Therefore, I thank TOKA for helping me change myself and my community for the better!”

Now, Eron leads his own Active citizen’s club in Kaçanik!

//This project is supported by Advocacy Training and Resource Center – ATRC and USAID Kosovo.


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