July 12, 2018

We have received about 200 ideas for the “Improve a public school” campaign and we are grateful to teachers, directors, students and former students and parents who have submitted their ideas regarding public school improvements in Kosovo.

As we mentioned, because of our small capacity, this summer we can only support 4 projects.

THE WINNING IDEAS that will be realised by our campers through service learning sessions are:

1. Improvement of classroom with shelves, hangers and color at the primary school “Sezai Surroi” in the village of Bellobrad, Dragash.
// Idea from the teacher Ensar Misini

2. Improving of classroom with shelves at the primary school “Liria” in the village of Stroc, Vushtrri.
// Idea by the teacher Donika Selaci

3. Improvement of classroom with the reading corner at the primary school “Mother Theresa” in the village of Teneshdoll, Pristina.
// Idea by the teacher Ariana Baxhaku

4. Improvement of the school yard with seats and hopscotch game at the primary school “Dardania”  in Peja.
// Idea by the teacher Merita Kelmendi Dervishaj

NOTE: There have been many good ideas, but we have considered only those that are within the budget and feasible by volunteers. Also, priority in the selection have had those ideas that have been clearly described and the schools in rural areas where the greatest need has been felt.


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