Come on and become a SUPER Mentor!!

May 16, 2022

The Service Learning program is a methodology of learning through experience and service. This program offers young people the development of new values ??and skills such as: critical thinking, communication, problem solving, social skills, decision making, leadership and raises self-confidence and awareness of active citizenship.

These young people are part of volunteer clubs which are supported by TOKA. The clubs are run by young people +17 who have been or are part of TOKA clubs and by Education and Psychology students, called Super-Mentors, who are trained according to the experience-based learning methodology.

TOKA has implemented the Service Learning program for 5 years and so far in this program, over 150 Super Teachers and Super Mentors have been made, 81 Super Volunteer clubs have been formed, over 2,500 young people aged 12-17 have been involved and implemented over 200 projects for the benefit of the community.

What are the requirements to become a SUPER Mentor?

– To be 17 years old and be a Super Volunteer or Super Citizen active or who have been part of TOKA clubs during the past years;
– Find a friend who wants to be part of the program. The application must be made separately by you and your friend, mentioning each other’s name in the application form;
– To be a student of the faculty of education or psychology;
– Find a colleague from the same department who wants to be part of the program. The application must be made separately by you and your colleague, mentioning each other’s name on the application form;
– Willingness to work with young people, contribute and improve your community;
– Willingness to acquire new skills in working with young people, in project management and facilitation techniques;
– Participate in the 6-day training of Educational Volunteering held during the month of August;
– To lead a club of 15-25 people, with young people aged 12-17.

Why should you apply?
– You can be promoted from Super Volunteer or Super Citizen to leaders and lead a club;
– You have the opportunity to participate in conferences related to Education, in Kosovo and abroad;
– Develop leadership and project management skills;
– Form a network with peers from different municipalities;
– Learn techniques and skills that integrate with young people in their profession;
– Training in the field of non-formal education methods and Educational Volunteering;
– Pedagogical, technical support and mentoring by TOKA staff;
– Evaluation of your work, including a certificate.

If you also want to be part of the largest network of mentors in the country, apply at the link below until May 22:

All applicants who have passed the application phase will be notified via email during the month of June!

This project is supported by the European Union Office in Kosovo, through the European Institute for Democracy and Human Rights – EIDHR.


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