Frequently Asked Questions about Summer Camps

What are TOKA Summer Camps?

TOKA summer camps are residential camps which are held in various locations inside and outside Kosovo.

The purpose of the camps is to empower and inspire young people to learn new skills, care for the environment and contribute to the good of their community. We achieve this through the various activities and games we develop throughout the week at camp. In TOKA camps, you will have the opportunity to enjoy outdoor walking, develop various games that stimulate group work, make new friends and spend a relaxing time near the campfire, watching the stars under the open sky.

Who can participate?

TOKA’s camps are open to all participants regardless of their gender, ethnicity, socio-economic status, physical ability, and nationality. 

Where are the Camps held?

Camps are held at the very secure and welcoming Loyola Campus at the outskirts of Prizren. See this link for photos and more details about the venue.

What happens at Camp?

Each Camp has its own thematic focus, but they all have some elements in common:

  • Meeting new peers, and creating new friendships.
  • Interactive outdoor activities (archery, hiking, lighting fires, etc.).
  • Activities to get to know yourself better,
  • Fun games,
  • Voluntary work.

See this article about 2023 Camps for some Camper photos and stories for more information.

How long does a camp last?

It depends on the camp program, but usually camps run from 3 to 8 days.

What conditions are offered at Camps?

Camps are held at the very secure and welcoming Loyola Campus at the outskirts of Prizren. See this link for photos and more details about the venue.

TOKA provides all the necessary materials for the realization of the activities within the Camp.

Before arriving at the Camp, we will also send you a guidance document with recommendations for clothing, sanitation, etc. – which you usually need at the Camp. 

What is the age of the Campers?

The age of participants varies by camp, but is usually within the age range of 14-19 years old.

How many participants are there per camp?

Depending on the program, TOKA usually has about 40 participants per camp.

How do we select the participants?

Selection of participants is based on the following criteria:

  • Age – participants are selected based on the age requirements of the camp.
  • Gender – at each camp TOKA aims to have equal gender representation.
  • Diversity – we believe that the most stimulating program is one where participants have the opportunity to learn from each other. Therefore, when we select the candidates, we also try to include participants from a wide range of backgrounds.
  • Willingness to volunteer – TOKA appreciates and wants to support those who wish to contribute to making Kosovo a better place. Therefore, we give priority to candidates who offer to carry out volunteer hours.

When do you notify me whether I have been selected to the Camp?

We will usually notify you at least one week before the Camp.

Can I apply to more than one camp?

Yes, you can apply to more than one camp. But, due to huge interest, TOKA will offer you the opportunity to participate in only one Camp.

How much is the participation fee per Camp?

The fees depend on where you come from and what are your financial circumstances.

Please contact us at for fee and scholarship information.

NOTE: Transportation to Camp location is NOT covered by TOKA for any participants, and must be provided by Camper/parents.

Is it necessary to have my parent’s permission?

Participants under the age of 18 are required to get their parent’s signed permission prior to arriving at camp, otherwise they are not allowed to participate in the camp. A parental approval form will be emailed to you after you are accepted into the camp.

What language will be used during the camps?

In general, the camps are in Albanian, with the exception of the Regional and International Camps, which are held in English.

Do I need to bring any money with me to camp?

In general participants do not need to spend much money while they are at the camp. However, a refundable 25 Euro deposit is required from all participants, which will be returned at the end of camp.

At camps with excursions, there will be short opportunities to purchase snacks or souvenirs. You have the option to bring a small amount of money for these instances. The currency used in Kosovo is EURO. 

Do we have to bring our own food to camp?

TOKA will provide three meals per day to participants. However, participants are encouraged to bring snacks, which they can keep in their cabins. TOKA will try to accommodate dietary restrictions, however it is important that you inform TOKA about your dietary needs before the beginning of the camp so we can make arrangements.

I have another question, how can I contact you?

If you have any questions, contact us at

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