Open Call for Trainers in the ‘My Career from Zero to Hero’ one-stop-shop youth employability model

November 1, 2021

The purpose of this Contract is to deliver educational program (training, practice, mentorship) for the local Soft Skills Training, based on the curriculum provided by TOKA, which is available on the following link.

2.2 Description of the assignment

In order to achieve the aforementioned purpose of this contract, the contractors are required to:

  • Review existing soft skills curriculum, as well as detailed Trainer Manual, in preparation for the Soft Skills Training delivery;
  • Attend Trainer preparation meetings;
  • Implement in total 4 trainings with 54 participants in line with developed curriculum and approved training plan;
  • Conduct evaluation of trainings;
  • Provide report with key highlights from the training, successes and challenges from the process, including a traineeship report on each participant using previously developed monitoring tool.

2.3 Geographical area to be covered

Participants will be coming from all parts of Kosovo. Trainings will be held in Prishtina, Kosovo.

2.4 Target group

Target groups of the soft skill course are 54 NEET young people from Kosovo, aged 17 – 30 years old youth not in education, employment or training, out of whom 60% is planned to be young women, and 40% young men). Young people will be divided in two groups of 25-27 participants for A and B level courses.

2.5 Financial allocation

The amount available under this Call for Proposals is 6,400 euros, for all trainers in both trainings.

5.1 Where and how to send the application

Applications must be submitted in electronic form to the following e-mail address, with the following reference in subject: “Application for the Trainer Call for Proposal ‘My Career from zero to hero’ – Full Name of Applicant.”

5.2 Documents required

Applicants must submit the completed application package consisting of:

  1. CV – in Europass format
  2. Motivation letter
  3. At least 2 references – using the template ‘3. List of references’
  4. Daily training rate/fee – using the template ‘4. Budget Global price’
  5. Legal Entity File – using the template ‘5. Legal entity file – individual’
  6. Declaration of Honour  – using the template ‘6 Declaration of Honour’
  7. Service Tender Submission Form – using the template ‘7. Service Tender Submission Form’

5.3. Deadline for submission of the application

The deadline for the submission of project proposal is Monday, 15th November 2021, at 10.00am, as evidenced by the date of email reception. Any application received after the deadline will be rejected.      

For more information, and to express interest, please see the Request for Expression of Interest and documents to be filled.


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