Service Learning is affecting the professional development of teachers

May 17, 2022

The Service Learning program is a methodology of learning through experience and service. This program offers young people the development of new values and skills such as: critical thinking, communication, problem solving, social skills, decision making, leadership and raises self-confidence and awareness of active citizenship. These young people are part of volunteer clubs which are supported by TOKA. Clubs are run by teachers called Super-Teachers, who are trained according to the methodology of experiential learning.

Below you can read the statements of two Super Teachers, Selimi and Asllani who shared their experiences in the Service Learning program.

Selimi says that Service Learning has helped and greatly complemented his work with students. “I implement all the activities we learned during the training in the classroom but also outside the classroom when it is a good time.” Selimi says that many of his colleagues have also benefited from these activities. When pupils have completed homework prematurely, are bored or without energy, I immediately start energizing and the situation changes completely. Pupils feel more motivated, more interested and more willing to acquire new knowledge.

To teachers who want to apply for Service Learning, I would have said: “The program is fantastic! The coaches are fantastic! “Students will have fun, learn and change a lot.”

While Asllani says that the reason why he applied in Service Learning was the willingness to promote critical thinking techniques through which students express their creativity and ability to collaborate. He says that through various activities students have created a positive and appropriate environment to express and respect each other’s ideas. While the activities have helped create a positive classroom climate.

Asllani invites all teachers to apply because through the Service Learning program they have the opportunity to create a new approach to contemporary teaching.

If you also want to be part of the largest network of teachers in the country, apply at the link below by May 22:

All applicants who have passed the application phase will be notified via email during the month of June!

This project is supported by the European Union Office in Kosovo, through the European Institute for Democracy and Human Rights – EIDHR.


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