Summer camps are back – Apply now!

May 15, 2024

Summer is approaching and we are here to make it unforgettable through summer camps!

Since 2015, TOKA has been organizing summer camps to educate Kosovar and international youth. This year, TOKA is organizing summer camps for all young men and women of Kosova—and beyond. The camps are educational experiences that aim to help develop youth through new experiences and civic engagement.

So far, TOKA has organized over 60 camps involving more than 2,000 participants from Kosova, the region, Europe, Israel, and the USA.

Get to know this summer’s camps!

  • International Adventure Camp from July 23-30 (Prizren, Kosova)
  • Leadership Camp from August 8-13 (Prizren, Kosova)
  • European Solidarity Action Day Camp from August 19-25 (Prizren, Kosova)

The International Adventure Camp will be the longest camp this summer, bringing together young people from around the world for 8 days. The themes of this camp are Cultural Exchange and Enviorment Protection, where our mission is to create an atmosphere of cultural and experiential exchange through games, music, and discussions while helping the environment during the process.

This camp will be open to young people aged 15-18 from Kosova and the whole world. APPLY NOW through this link, if you are a young person living outside Kosova.

The Leadership Camp will bring together young people from the municipalities of Kamenica, Peja, Istog, Skënderaj, Hani i Elezit, Podujeva, Ferizaj, and Gjakova who have contributed to Solidarity Action Day this year. These changemakers will gather for 6 days to prepare for Solidarity Action Day in the fall, where they will be trained in leadership to help implement this initiative.

This camp will be open only to the youth of the aforementioned municipalities. The application link will be posted here soon.

The first camp of this year, the European Solidarity Action Day Camp, will bring together youth from Kosova and the region for 7 days in Prizren. Bright minds from Kosova, Germany, Belgium, Italy, North Macedonia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina will exchange their community engagement experiences through Solidarity Action Day and come up with ideas on how to promote this initiative beyond current borders. All this will surely be done through typical camp games and challenges!

This camp will be open to young people aged 16-19 who have participated in Solidarity Action Day in Kosova. The application link will be posted here soon.

For questions or additional information, please contact, at the phone number +383 49 569 800 or write to us on our Facebook or Instagram pages.

If you have questions you can also click on this link to read the answers of some of the most frequent questions.


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Summer camps are back – Apply now!

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