Super Active Citizens Clubs finally enjoy the fruits of their 6 month work!

March 31, 2022

160 young people with the help of 36 leaders implemented 10 volunteer work projects.

Our Super-Citizens clubs reached the pinnacle of their work which they started in October last year by implementing 10 volunteer work projects. For more, see below.

• Club Prishtina 1 “Galaktika” implemented the project – “Activities with children and planting trees in the Preschool Institution – Yllkat” with 21 Super-Citizens and 40 child beneficiaries

• Club Prishtina 2 “La Casa de TOKA” implemented the project – “Be Super” with 17 Super-Citizens and 60 beneficiaries

• Club Prishtina 3 “Amigos” implemented the project – “Mental Health Awareness” with 20 Super-Citizens and 90 beneficiaries citizens and young people

• Podujeva Club “Horizon” implemented the project – “A place to sit in Manchester Park” with 8 Super-Citizens and 12 beneficiaries citizens and young people

• Gjilan Club “Engaged for change” implemented the project “Activities with children in the Day Care Center – PEMA” with 19 Super-Citizens and 21 child beneficiaries

• Vushtrri Club “United Circle” implemented the project – “A beautiful city” with 10 Super-Citizens and 25 beneficiaries citizens and young people

• Lipjan Club “Volunteer Spirit” implemented the project – “Activities with children of the Handi-Kos Center” with 19 Super-Citizens and 7 child beneficiaries

• Kaçanik Club “Minionsat” implemented the project – “Awareness of citizens about violence” with 7 Super-Citizens and 70 citizen beneficiaries

• Shtime Club “Unique Creators” implemented the project “Activities with children of Lasgush Poradeci School” with 14 Super-Citizens and 16 child beneficiaries

• Hani i Elezit Club “The hands of the future” implemented the project “To empower women” with 27 Super-Citizens and 10 women beneficiaries

Despite the difficulties, the planning and implementation of these projects for Super-Citizens and leaders were very important, and in the following, you will be able to follow their impressions of this unforgettable experience!

Super Active Citizens Clubs are part of the Environmental activities, which are funded by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) through its “Human Rightivism” Program and the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports of the Republic of Kosovo. These clubs are implemented by CDF and TOKA.


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