The Regional Service-Learning Conference is coming to Prizren

December 5, 2021


TOKA together with partners from Argentina, Romania, Slovakia, Albania, Montenegro, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, will organize for the first time in Kosovo, the Regional Service-Learning Conference, on December 10, in Prizren.

What is the purpose of the Conference?

The conference aims to promote “Service-Learning” in Central and Eastern Europe, as a proven innovative methodology of teaching and learning, as well as to serve for the exchange of good experiences between participants.

During the conference, a formal ceremony will be conducted to give the “Regional Service-Learning Award”. A total of 36 projects from 6 different countries, including Kosovo will be competing for the award. This award recognizes and appreciates the work of teachers for volunteer projects which they have implemented with their students through which they have had a positive impact on the community where they are implemented.

The conference will also give teachers who are not part of the program the opportunity to learn more about the latest methods in the field of education, to be introduced to opportunities to apply to become part of the international program “Service-Learning, and be able to compete with their volunteer projects for the“ Regional Service-Learning Award – Edition 3 ”, an opportunity which opens only once a year.

Where will it be held?

The conference will be held in the city of Prizren, at Hotel Theranda. The conference will start at 9:00 and end at 17:00.

Can I attend the Conference?

To join the Conference, apply at this link. The deadline to apply is December 3, 2021.

Note: Places to attend the conference are limited. On December 6 you will be informed whether you have been accepted to participate or not. Thank you for understanding!

What is Service-Learning?

The international Service-Learning program is an interactive method of in-class and out-of-class education, where leaders and participants learn new skills by carrying out projects for the benefit of the community. 

The organization “TOKA” has implemented this program since 2017, where every year more than 70 teachers are trained in the methodology of learning through experience and every year more than 1500 students of primary and secondary schools become part of the program. So far, more than 100 volunteer projects have been implemented by teachers and students in various municipalities of Kosovo, addressing issues in their community. TOKA has started working closely with educational institutions so that learning through experience and Service-Learning can be implemented in school curricula and formal learning.

This project is supported by the European Union Office in Kosovo, through the European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights EIDHR.


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