Advanced teaching for teachers of Prishtina

January 27, 2023

On the International Day of Education, TOKA, together with the Faculty of Education, have signed a cooperation agreement with the Municipality of Pristina, for the training of all mathematics teachers of grades 6-9 in the methodology accredited by MAShTI “Learning through experience”.

This cooperation comes after the successful piloting of the advanced teaching methodology by 36 teachers in 14 schools across Kosovo. Beneficiaries of this program, in addition to the teachers, were also 700 students of these schools, for whom a total of 144 lessons were conducted in this period using the methodology of learning through experience.

“After the successful piloting of the advanced teaching methodology – based on the evaluations of teachers and students- we will cooperate with municipalities to apply this successful methodology in more classes. In 2023, in addition to the training session, mentoring and evaluations, we will also record and add these activities to our online database so that other teachers can view and learn from them and apply them in their classrooms. Working with our partner, the Faculty of Education, was extremely beneficial, as they continue to make a valuable contribution to all our activities.” – said Rreze Hoxha, head of the Institutionalization Program at TOKA.

The municipality of Pristina is the first municipality that will implement this training program on a large scale, but it is expected that this methodology will be applied in other municipalities as well.

“This methodology made teaching much more effective and simpler. The students really enjoyed the activities and keep asking for more activities, and I really hope this program is available to other teachers who want to join. I highly recommend it, as it has a tremendous impact on me and the students – who are the most important factors in this process.” – was the comment from one of the teachers involved in the advanced teaching methodology training program.

The methodology of “Learning through experience” is a training program accredited by the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation (MAShTI) of the Republic of Kosovo.

TOKA’s Institutionalization Program has worked closely with the Faculty of Education for more than 3 years, during which it has developed numerous training programs for teachers and has trained more than 100 teachers who have participated in various training programs . The success of the developed modules has resulted in over 80% satisfaction from students and teachers who have practiced this methodology in their classrooms.

TOKA thanks the Municipality of Pristina, specifically the Director Besiana Musmurati of the Municipal Directorate of Education and the Dean Prof. Assoc. Dr. Blerim Saqipi, Prof. Assoc. Dr. Majlinda Zhitija-Gjelaj and Prof. Asst. Dr. Blerta Perolli Shehu from the Faculty of Education for cooperation

The training program “Methodology of learning from experience” is supported by the Office of the European Union in Kosovo.


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