Transformative Impact: Achievements and successes in the HEARMI project!

February 1, 2024

Data collection

Through data collection, the positive impact of the Youth Exchange in Romania, the local Service Learning projects and the Hearmi project in general was assessed.

Analyzing this data provided us with valuable insights into the effectiveness of youth exchanges and projects.

Romanian Youth Exchange

In the youth exchange in Romania, 52 participants showed positive post-test results, indicating increased support in the community, interest in social issues, engagement in social activism, feelings of inclusion and acquired social capital. Notably, these changes were statistically significant.

Youth-led projects 

Of the 83 participants in the first youth-led phase, 43 showed improvements in social activism, inclusion and social capital, reflecting the success of the project. While not all changes were statistically significant, the positive impact was still evident.

Empowering young leaders

In a comprehensive conducted for the Hearmi project, 72 young leaders committed to their knowledge, seeking an important perspective on the impact and importance of the project.

The results of the Hearmi questionnaire are not only about the quantity of his influence, but also an important project that is subjectively attributed to young leaders. This comprehensive will contribute to the improvement of the Hearmi project, ensuring that it analyzes, empower and support young leaders in their crucial role. The Hearmi Project has a transformative impact on young leaders committed to shaping the future of our community.

Overall impact

Combining data from all three projects involving 162 participants, the overall impact was evident. Significant positive changes were observed in engagement, motivation for social activism, feelings of inclusion and willingness to engage with communities.

This comprehensive analysis highlights the triumphs of these youth initiatives, demonstrating their ability to positively influence participants’ perspectives and foster meaningful community engagement.

This project is part of the project “HEARMI – Boosting HEARTS and Minds of Youth with Service Learning”, funded by the European Commission – Capacity Building in the Youth Field.


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Transformative Impact: Achievements and successes in the HEARMI project!

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