Super-Volunteer Clubs are coming!

October 21, 2022

As in previous years, the Super-Volunteer Clubs are back this year as well. These clubs bring together young people who want to learn and contribute to their community through volunteer work. Through clubs, they meet together every week to identify community problems, brainstorm ideas, plan and implement community projects.

Members of the Super-Volunteer Clubs will develop various skills and abilities including: critical thinking, leadership skills, communication skills, creative problem solving, teamwork and self-confidence. This becomes possible through various activities that take place during the works with the club.

Super-Volunteer Clubs are led by 2 or 3 leaders who can be primary or secondary school teachers, psychology or education students and Super-Volunteers and Super-Citizens over the age of 17.

During the time they are active, Super-Volunteer Clubs manage to implement 1 to 2 projects within 1 school year. Among other things, Clubs perform several functions, including: (1) Achieving social change in the community; (2) Application of skills learned during club work sessions.

Super-Volunteer Clubs are open to all 12-17 year olds who wish to develop these skills and abilities.

Apply now by clicking here:

The deadline is October 30, 2022.

This project is supported by the Office of the European Union in Kosovo, through the European Institute for Democracy and Human Rights – EIDHR.


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