Service Learning

The Program tries to introduce a non-formal pedagogical approach to learning, that integrates community service with instruction and reflection. This process enriches the learning experience, teaches civic responsibility, and strengthens communities. 

Up to now, there have been more than 120 Volunteer Clubs, covering more than 50% of Municipalities in Kosova

Service-Learning Clubs

Outside or in-classroom, these are the places where Volunteers meet, discuss, plan, learn and grow, with the aim of finding practical solutions to community-related problems which they themselves also face. With close to 30 new Clubs created annually, more and more youngsters will join the ranks of active citizens and will continue to be engaged in their communities.

Youth Leaders Academy

The Academy will prepare 40 young girls and boys to organize the first edition of the international event "Solidarity Action Day" (June 2023), in which youngsters will work for a day (instead of going to school) and will decide which organization/cause to help with the money they make from working that day. The event is part of the partnership with the Solidarity Action Day Movement Europe (SAME) network of organizations from Europe and the Balkans.

Debate Clubs of "Let's Debate Change"

More than 500 youngsters of the "Debate Clubs", present in 12 schools in the 6 municipalities (Peja, Decani, Istogut, Klina, Fushë Kosovë and Obilic), work on improving their soft skills and then work directly with municipal directorates on issues affecting the young. Initially, these youngsters prepared "Recommendation Documents" which they presented to the Mayors, Deputy Mayors and Municipal Directors, and now they're ready to implement their first community-projects. Debate Clubs are part of the project "Let's Debate Change" funded by Swiss organization Solidar Suisse

Youth Activism Project Competition

It is an annual Competition that attracts groups of youth from all across the country, to submit their community-changing ideas and have the chance to win financial support to implement their ideas. As part of this Competition in 2022, 108 young activists applied with 27 project ideas on the topics of human rights, environment and education, where 3 winning ideas were selected and implemented in three different communities.

Regional Service-Learning Award

Established in 2020, the Award acknowledges the work of educational institutions that are developing Service-Learning projects that promote active youth citizenship and integrate students’ curricular learning with Service-Learning. Until now, 2 of our local Clubs have been recognized for their projects. The award is a joint effort with partner organizations in six Central and Eastern Europe countries (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosova, Romania, Serbia, and Slovakia), with the Latin American Center for Service-Learning (CLAYSS).

Program Donors

The Service Learning Program is and was supported by the following donors.

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