Trainings & Camps

Camps cover diverse themes, which share a common core of leadership development, transferable skills, environmental awareness and community service components. It provides a strong platform for the launch of Service Learning projects, which allow youth to apply an ‘inside-out’ leadership practice– first by developing their confidence and skills, and then applying them to the benefit of the community. For more information about camps, click here.

Since 2015, we have organized more than 60 youth camps, where more than 2,000 young girls and boys took part.

Local events

Held over 50 camps with more than 2,000 youth since 2015. Key focus is to build skills for civic activism in youth from all over Kosova - more than 50% of participants in the last 3 years came from our volunteering clubs. All camp staff are former participants, who have progressed to leadership roles over the years.

International events

We host and send campers from the region and internationally - from as far as New Zealand. This is a very important learning experience for Kosovars, who have little chance to exchange with others due to visa restrictions. In recent years, we have hosted participants from the USA, France, Finland, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland and the region; we have sent participants to Poland, Italy, Romania, Czechia, Germany and the region.

Boosting employability

The 02HERO regional program is a one-stop-shop where youngsters are offered 6-months of free courses that include modules from: Digital skills (Social Media Management and Web Development), Soft skills, Entrepreneurship skills, and career counseling - to help them better prepare for the digital economy job markets. So far, the program certified over 50 participants, where more than 20 were offered jobs/internships after the program. 02HERO is a regional collaboration with organizations in Albania, Serbia, Montenegro, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The program also includes travels to partner countries to attend various training sessions.

Program Donors

The Camps & Training Program is and was supported by the following donors.

The latest

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