The “More Career Education – Better Career Orientation” Project Ends with Tremendous Success!

May 17, 2024

What was the program?

The “More Career Education – Better Career Orientation” project comprised one-day excursions designed to offer 9th-grade students valuable insights into diverse career pathways, equipping them with the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions about their future endeavors. 

The core goal of this project was to instill self-confidence in participants, enabling them to identify and leverage their strengths and interests for future career choices. Through interactive sessions and immersive experiences, the project sought to inspire students and broaden their understanding of potential career opportunities, ultimately empowering them to make informed choices about their educational and professional pathways.

Who participated?

The project reached over 135.000 individuals on social media without any paid promotion over a 5 months period, showing the high interest in career orientation among parents and students. 

In total, 381 ninth-grade students from 29 schools in four Municipalities participated in the program.

The project was implemented by NGO TOKA and received co-funding from GIZ, TOKA, and the Directorate of Education of the Municipalities (MEDs) of Prishtina, Suhareka, Skenderaj, and Vushtrria.

What was the impact?

340 participants completed a career orientation questionnaire, which showed the following results”:

  • 97% reported increased self-awareness and confidence.
  • 95% felt more prepared to make career decisions.
  • 90% created personal profiles highlighting their strengths
  • 81% of participants rejected the idea of gender-based job categorization

These points underscore the project’s success in enhancing career education and orientation among youth, with a strong emphasis on personal development and gender equality.

This project was implemented by the NGO TOKA and supported by the German Government through GIZ Kosovo.


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