Teachers are ready to change their classrooms

December 21, 2022

Amid the laughter and excitement, 36 teachers – along with school and education department directors, stood proudly as they were awarded certificates for participating in the first-of-its training program: The Experiential Learning Methodology. The award ceremony, part of the feedback-session workshop with teachers that participated in the “Experiential Learning Methodology” training program, was the concluding phase of the program that included a training session, mentoring session, feedback session with the participating teachers, and a book with details on the module. 

“It made teaching much more effective and simple. The pupils really enjoyed the activities and keep asking for more, and I really hope that this program will also be available for other teachers who wish to join. I highly recommend it, as it has a tremendous impact on me and the pupils, which is the most important part. We shared various activities we did with other teachers, and I can tell you that a lot more teachers are willing to learn this new methodology.” – said one of the teachers involved in this training program.

As part of our Institutionalization programs – lead by Rreze Hoxha and assisted by Rineta Janova, the “Experiential Learning Methodology” aims to help teachers be more efficient at teaching their lessons, by using various in-classroom activities. In 2022, it managed to train 38 teachers from 14 schools in 9 municipalities. In 2023, it will aim to train an additional 100 teachers from even more municipalities.

Feedback session – Teachers providing their input on the training program

“The training program works with the existing teaching curriculum, but it just adds more details that teachers can use, to make it even more effective. We’ve seen incredible dedication and willingness from these great teachers to apply the program in their class – and they did a wonderful job doing so! What is more encouraging is that some municipalities are willing to cover the costs of some of their teachers in participating in the training program. In 2023, apart from the training session, mentoring and feedback, we will also record and add these activities to our online database, so that other teachers can watch and learn from them, and apply them in their classrooms. Working with our partner, the Faculty of Education, was incredibly helpful, as they continue to provide valuable input in all of our activities.” – said Rreze Hoxha, the head of the Institutionalization Program at TOKA. 

In the feedback questionnaire for measuring the satisfaction of the teacher training, we received close to 100% positive responses to all questions, while in the questionnaire after the end of the mentoring period, we received 100% positive responses from all participating teachers to all the main questions of the questionnaire.

The 36 teachers that teach more than 1,100 pupils in 14 schools, will continue using the skills learned from the “Experiential Learning Methodology (ELM)” training program, to make the teaching more effective and the pupils gain more from their teaching. In 2023, the project will be scaled to include even more teachers, which will in effect impact even more pupils.

Officially certified. After training, mentoring, and feedback sessions, teachers are awarded for their efforts.

TOKA’s Institutionalization Program has been working closely with the Faculty of Education for more than 3 years, during which it has developed numerous training programs for teachers and trained more than 100 teachers who have taken part in various training programs. The success of the developed modules has resulted in over 80% satisfaction from students and teachers who have practiced this methodology in their classes. 

The “Experiential Learning Methodology” training program is a fully-accredited training program by the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation (MESTI) of the Republic of Kosovo. (for three years)

The “Experiential Learning Methodology” training program is supported by the European Union Office in Kosovo.


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