Volunteering in Schools – Kamenica and Skënderaj are the first municipalities to join!

February 2, 2024

Have you heard of Solidarity Action Day?

This is an initiative where young people work for a day at a business and voluntarily donate their salary to improve the community. This initiative became dear to us after its first implementation in Kosovo in June 2023, in Pristina and several surrounding municipalities.

After its successful implementation and amazing results, we decided to bring this initiative closer to young people – in schools! The first municipalities to embrace this idea and enthusiastically engage were the municipalities of Kamenica and Skënderaj.

How was it organized?

When it comes to community improvement, everyone can contribute! This was the approach of professors Dalina Ibrahimi and Jakup Fetahu, with mentor Belgizare Kryeziu in Kamenica, and professors Basri Jashari and Armend Hoti, with mentor Zamire Rexhepi in Skënderaj. They voluntarily negotiated agreements with local businesses in these municipalities and mobilized young people to make their contributions.

What were the achieved results?

International Volunteer Day gained more significance for the youth of the Municipality of Skënderaj, who decided to spend their time working for Solidarity Action Day on this day. In total, 58 students of the “Hamëz Jashari” school worked in 17 local businesses, collecting a total of 795 euros.

Similarly, in Kamenica, the young people of the municipality celebrated International Volunteer Day by dedicating their time to community improvement. These hardworking bees of the “Ismail Qemali” school worked on December 5th and 8th, with a total of 25 young people in 9 local businesses, collecting a total of 286 euros.

What now?

The mentioned sums above have been converted into Solidarity Action Day Funds, which these young people will use to improve their schools. It remains in their hands to decide soon what needs of their schools they want to address with the fund they worked hard to collect.

We are very proud of the young people, teachers, and staff of the involved municipalities for their tireless work and dedication. At the same time, we thank the businesses that became a second homes for these young people on Solidarity Action Day.

We thank these businesses in Skënderaj:

  • Alfa TRADE
  • Arda Lounge
  • Bletaria AG-FErm ShPK
  • Drena Sh.P.K
  • NPT Elida Com
  • Grill House 2000 Sh.P.K
  • Jana’s Pizza
  • Lida
  • Metro Bar
  • Moto DRILONI (sponsorship)
  • Pastiçeria B3
  • Pharma Plus
  • QTA – Arjeta Group Sh.P.K
  • Real Estate International LLC
  • Solo Caffee & More SH.P.K.
  • Tini Gym
  • UPS Concept
  • Viva Fresh Store

We thank these businesses in Kamenica:

  • Perparimi 90
  • Barnatore Humana
  • Buffi Lounge
  • DPL Barnatore Indoli
  • Driloni D Sh.P.K.
  • Elkos Group – ETC
  • Haliti SM Sh.P.K.
  • Plast Tech
  • Restaurant Oxygen
  • Zdrukthtaria dhe mobileria Perparimi

Stay tuned to see the amazing projects these young people will implement!

Solidarity Action Day is part of the environmental activities of the Swedish Agency for International Cooperation and Development (SIDA), through its “Human Rightivism” Program that is implemented by CDF and TOKA; is supported by the Kosovo Foundation for Civil Society (KCSF) ‘EJA Kosova’ – co-financed by the Swedish Agency for International Cooperation and Development (SIDA), the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), and the Government of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg; as from the Ministry of Culture. This project is developed in cooperation with the SAME network of organizations.


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