Super-Volunteers Establish a Library at Hamëz Jashari School in Skënderaj!

March 1, 2024

The Super-Volunteer clubs spread across almost all of Kosovo bring together diligent and ambitious youth, who dedicate their time and effort for the betterment of the community. Most recently, the Battalion of Volunteers Club in Skënderaj proved this to us.

Dedicated volunteers Abedin Rexha, Rinesa Kajtazi, Getoar Haliti, Mara Derguti, Filloreta Rrustemi, Agnesa Seferi, Rumejsa Geci, Sumeja Geci, Artesa Geci, and Lorisa Loshi worked tirelessly to raise funds by organizing food fairs and collaborating with local businesses. All this to realize their dream – to have a library rich in books for everyone at their school and a peaceful space for reading and studying.

Through support from local businesses in Skënderaj and the Municipal Directorate of Education, the Super-Volunteers succeeded! Businesses and Municipal Directorates helped the Super-Volunteers complete the library space with chairs, tables, bookshelves, and hundreds of books which will be utilized by countless students of this school across generations.

We highly appreciate all the work and contribution. We’re taking a moment to thank our best partners of Super-Volunteers:

  • We thank architect Leotrim Shala – who designed the interior of this creative space, entirely voluntarily, to align with the students’ pure initiative.
  • We thank the “Geci Brothers” enterprise for being part of this collaboration by responding to the students’ call, donating a sum of 500 euros to the club for purchasing chairs.
  • We thank the “Dukagjini” Library for gifting this library diverse books for the students to enjoy.
  • We thank the Directorate of Education – Skenderaj, who expedited the work by making its realization even faster than we imagined – covering other necessary costs for the space in question, for which I am very grateful.
  • We also value and commend the work of the students and educators of the art of Hamëz Jashari School, who gave this space a touch of elegance with their paintings.

Of course, special thanks go to Sala Berisha and Drenika Ahmeti, two wonderful leaders who have guided and led the youth of this Super-Volunteer Club. 

This success story shows us how powerful we are and how much we can achieve when we unite our forces for the good of the community.


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