The Facebook group “Volunteering from Home” the place of online volunteering during the pandemic

September 29, 2020

With the start of the pandemic and quarantine the TOKA Super-Leaders and Volunteers did not stop their creative work even though they were physically not together. They enthusiastically managed to get the most out of volunteering from home.

“Volunteering from Home” is a Facebook group, created to share the self-initiating and volunteering experiences of our Super-Volunteers.

Each week a challenge was presented with a specific theme that had to be completed by the Super-Volunteers and then the work was shared in groups with all the other clubs. Some of the challenges completed by the Super-Volunteers were: creating a diary with photos inspired by quarantine, the advantages and difficulties of online learning during the pandemic, compiling articles on children’s rights, compiling anti-bullying articles, and harassment during the pandemic period, preparation of boxes with first aid kits.

Each challenge was accomplished through various drawings, songs, photographs, writings, and illustrations. At the end of each challenge, the Super-Volunteers managed to learn more about self-management and self-initiative skills, while our Super-Leaders proved once again that despite the challenges, they stayed close to their students making the period of isolation easier to pass. 

Through these challenges, Super-Volunteers managed to develop their research, creative, and critical thinking skills. Among other things, they gained skills in using online platforms. 

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