TOKA helps to develop the distance learning program!

April 10, 2020


While schools in Kosovo have been closed to students for more than three weeks as a precautionary measure against the spread of coronavirus, this does not mean that these schools are being left empty-handed.

Educators in Kosovo have worked continuously to develop a distance learning program for their students.

Jehona Gjurgjeala, who heads the Kosovo Foundation for Youth Development, TOKA and has been part of this working team since the beginning of the distance learning program, said her role in coordinating teachers in this process has been detailed. “The e-learning project in Kosovo has shown the positive things we can achieve when we work together for a cause,” she said. “However, she has also shown that more needs to be done to improve the quality of our teaching.”

Since March, the Ministry of Education has made more than 500 lessons available to students in Kosovo through the ministry’s online e-learning platform, as well as through the platform and public television from BIRN Kosova. Nearly 300 of these lessons were shot with Albanian teachers in Pristina, and 200 with Turkish and Bosnian teachers filming lessons from Prizren, where most members of these communities live.

According to Minister Bajrami, Kosovo’s municipal education departments have issued guidelines to help teachers try to adapt to the new online system.

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