Telegrafi supports our Youth Activism

April 29, 2022

Good information brings good changes.

For us, it is important to inform the public of positive changes in young people’s lives as a result of volunteerism and learning through experience. Thanking you to the entire team – the platform that constantly promotes youth activism and quality education, many people are more informed about volunteering and using new methods to develop learning. The Telegraph has consistently posted news of our activities, especially for the Regional Conference of Educational Volunteering, but also for the activities of educational volunteer clubs, professor training, the HERO regional program, and many other activities.

This has contributed to informing the public about our activities, and have also contributed positively to greater acceptance of methods of educational volunteerism and learning through experience. We are grateful for this collaboration and are constantly looking for other media partners to disseminate as much information about our methods as possible that are evidenced to positively affect girls and boys.


The latest

These are the latest developments from our programs and activities.

Nearly 500 Super-Volunteers start helping their communities

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Now, HEROes become “Entrepreneurs”

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Solidarity Action Day preparations kick-off

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Super-Volunteer Clubs are coming!

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Acreditation for the teacher-training program “Learning Through Experie...

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Be part of the “Youth Leaders Academy”

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