Hatixhe Zeka

Hatixhe’s role in TOKA is to ensure that the Service Learning program is of the highest possible quality, to include as many teachers and young people in this program and last but not least, to ensure that such a program offers new experiences and values to both parties.

Working with teachers and school principals has prepared Hatixhe for a more thorough knowledge of the context of education in Kosovo, the educational challenges, the volunteer potential and the desire of teachers to provide innovation in the education of their students. Her studies in School Psychology and Counseling at the University of Prishtina and the work with younger people have made her understand more about emotional development, social and psychological development and have a better understanding of their worldview, values and potential to change the community that surrounds them. 

She thinks that one of the main push factors toward the development of a society is qualitative education and preparation for life for youth. These two take the front seat at TOKA and we are committed to promoting a new direction for education in Kosovo. These commitments motivate Hatixhe to work towards that goal every day.

Favorite quote: “Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.” – Carl Sagan.

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