What Are the Impressions and Experiences of Young People in Our Programs?

November 2, 2023

Youth beneficiaries report many developmental outcomes from the TOKA programs, including:

  1. Community Building and Cross-cultural Understanding

This is what our participants have to say:

“The International Camp helped me understand more about the differences between our countries and where they live.”

“The TOKA Jonë Camp helped me form a close-knit community with people from the diaspora.”

“The Super-Volunteers Clubs offer opportunities to develop new skills and create a community.”

  1. Inclusive Opportunities

Our programs are open to all youth in Kosova and beyond, this resonates with our participants:

“In the Debate Club, everyone is welcome to join.”

“In the Super-Citizens Clubs no one feels excluded; everyone is welcome to share their thoughts and feelings.”

  1. Skill Development and Learning:

TOKA programs are a place of learning, engagement and fun – and so think our participants:

“In the HERO program, I learned many new things, mostly things I have always been interested in learning but didn’t know where to start.”

“Club meetings are opportunities to develop new skills, such as communication, public speaking, critical thinking and problem solving.”

“In Super-Volunteers Cubs we have the opportunity to learn a lot through fun games and discussions.”

We are proud and pleased that our programs cater to such a broad and ambitious group, we thank them for the time they spent cooperating with us and their contribution to the community.


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What Are the Impressions and Experiences of Young People in Our Programs?

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